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An Acresis Founders’ Story: Launching A New Business

In 2003 the three Acresis principals co-founded EquaTerra, which grew into a worldwide consultancy with a global brand and clientele, encompassing over 400 employees operating in 15 countries. The company grew from zero to $25 M in 18 months as a services business working for large Fortune 1000 buyers in the Business Process Outsourcing space. Both sales and EBITDA both grew at an average of 70% per year, resulting in the sale of the business in an all cash transaction in 2011 to KPMG for $107 M. Behind the numbers is a story about how multiple co-founders were able to boot strap a business, innovate and grow together as a team. Learn more about their journey in this video, including techniques for how to maximize margin and valuation prior to exit.