• Machina Automation & Ashling Partners

Machina Automation was founded on the mission to be the very best robotics process automation company for the U.S. energy industry.  Acresis supported the Founder and executive team for 4 years while Machina won numerous Energy accounts and averaged +57% revenue growth per year over a 4 year period.  Acresis provided expertise on the RPA industry; facilitated alliances; and provided Board services.  When the executive team decided to exit, Acresis helped introduce investment bankers; evaluated IOIs and LOIs and in 2021 Machina successfully exited to Ashling Partners (backed by TH Lee private equity).


“Acresis provided valuable and continuous market insight into the RPA industry.  They also helped focus us on critical capabilities – such as managed services – that we knew would be valuable when it was time to Exit.” 


--Doug Wendler, Founder & CEO.