• CMF Associates

CMF Associates provides financial and operational consulting for mid-market companies undergoing strategic change - capital raise, M&A, etc.  As a member of the Acresis Founder Advisory program, CMF Founder and CEO, Tom Bonney, sought greater speed, precision and innovation for himself and his team as they developed new high growth strategies and revenue models specific to their business.  As a result, CMF saved significant time by understanding and avoiding typical barriers to high growth, and thus were able to continue their successful expansion. 

“Acresis provides common sense, thoughtful, and implementable ideas that get embedded into the cadence and rhythm of your business.  They are experienced in strategy, hyper growth and a variety of functional areas and as a result they deliver a 360-degree, multi-dimensional solution.  Moreover, they are folks with whom you would have a drink!”

– Tom Bonney, Founder & CEO, CMF Associates