• Alsbridge

Alsbridge grew rapidly to become a leading sourcing advisory firm for BPO & ITO transactions, benchmarks, software and network cost take out, managed governance services, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services.  Alsbridge CEO during this period, Chip Wagner, sought the help of Acresis in two important ways.  First, engaging Acresis to examine M & A targets to expand its geographic and service line portfolio.  Second, asking Acresis to “look over his shoulder” on behalf of Chip and his management team, specifically in how to structure key elements in the sale of Alsbridge to competitor and industry leader Information Service Group (ISG).  Examples of crucial topics included capitalization, employee agreements, and overall deal structure.  Alsbridge was also able to tap into the Acresis partner network, which included various subject matter experts for key growth functions. 

“It’s really comforting to have founders who have successfully sold and bought a number of businesses to advise you along the way.  Acresis has developed quite an understanding of the Robotic Process Automation space, and the rolodex depth and width of all of the partners at Acresis is one of the core values they bring to the table.”

 – Chip Wagner, CEO, Alsbridge