Acresis is proud to host events throughout the year, which vary by global location, type and focus. Attendees include Founders and also leaders from the Founder Network and Partner Eco-System, which Acresis brings to bear in support of our Founder clients. 



The Founder Summit is a high-speed networking format with 40-60 attendees where Founders, capital providers, wealth management advisors, enterprise buyers and other industry stakeholders convene as guests of Acresis Principals for an evening of networking, cocktails and hor d'oeuvres. This is a fast-paced event focused on Acresis-facilitated speed dating, with a structured aim to help guests meet 3-5 key contacts and gain exposure to a wide variety of other influential guests.



The Founder Roundtable is a sit-down dinner where 14-20 attendees discuss issues vital to Founders. This event includes 10+ Founder clients and prospects, 2-4 Acresis partners and 2-3 subject matter experts (e.g., chosen from private equity, lenders, executive search). Acresis facilitates a lively discussion among dinner guests over a 2-hour period covering best (and worst) practices and key learnings with two areas of focus from topics such as ...

  • best practices for driving enterprise value
  • scaling a business successfully
  • upgrading legacy talent
  • recruiting senior talent
  • sourcing capital
  • Founder transition
  • indirect channel strategies
  • deal and pipeline development
  • exiting a business partner
  • M&A strategies
  • liquidity events

* Please note, these events are “Invitation Only”. If you are interested in attending, please request an invitation from your Acresis partner or click here.



roundtable Sep 12, 2018 NYC
summit Sep 13, 2018 NYC
roundtable Oct 09, 2018 Houston
summit Oct 10, 2018 Houston
roundtable Nov 06, 2018 London
summit Nov 08, 2018 London



summit May 17, 2018 London
roundtable May 15, 2018 London
summit Apr 12, 2018 Houston
roundtable Apr 11, 2018 Houston
summit Mar 08, 2018 Raleigh
roundtable Mar 07, 2018 Raleigh
summit Feb 07, 2018 NYC
roundtable Feb 06, 2018 NYC
summit Nov 09, 2017 London
roundtable Nov 08, 2017 London
summit Oct 05, 2017 Houston
roundtable Oct 03, 2017 Houston
summit Sep 07, 2017 New York
roundtable Sep 06, 2017 New York
summit May 18, 2017 London
roundtable May 16, 2017 London
summit Apr 04, 2017 Houston
summit Mar 14, 2017 Raleigh
summit Feb 02, 2017 New York
roundtable Jan 31, 2017 New York
summit Nov 09, 2016 London
roundtable Nov 08, 2016 London
roundtable Oct 18, 2016 Boston
summit Oct 06, 2016 Houston
roundtable Oct 05, 2016 Houston
summit Jul 21, 2016 London
roundtable May 25, 2016 Los Angeles
roundtable May 10, 2016 London
roundtable Feb 03, 2016 New York