• Fire Disc

FireDisc® has created a new category in the outdoor products marketplace with its high-end, portable multi-use propane cooker.  Facing hyper-growth with 600+ retailers across more than 30 states, the founders chose Acresis to anticipate both the front- and back-office impacts of such rapid expansion and to navigate key goals – e.g., supply chain stability, proper talent and staffing, and capitalization.  Acresis has helped to form and execute the company’s equity strategy, support operations, and drive international sales, as FireDisc continues to grow its business.

Within 2 months after we began our partnership, Acresis put our CFO and head of manufacturing on a plane to Mexico to meet with one of its partners there. This is but one example of how they continually offer us a uniquely competent and highly trusted team with skills and connections otherwise out of our reach.  Thanks to Acresis, we are in a tremendous position to expedite and manage our growth.” -- Griff Jaggard, President & Co-Founder, FireDisc